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Chiropractic and Massage

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Yelp Reviews

  • Melissa S. / New York, NY

    After 2 visits with Dr. Anderson, my chronic lower back and hip pain is a fraction of what it has been for 2+ years. He listened to what I said and went to work to address my symptoms. He has good hours and the office is in a very convenient location. So glad to have found him!

  • Danny M. / Manhattan, New York, NY

    Peter (acupuncture) is a life saver! After many doctors and physical therapists, Peter was only one able to help with my pudendal nerve issue. Flexible hours / schedule also.

  • Slawomir / W. New York, NY

    One stop shop for wellness , from Chiropractor Dr.Scott Henderson with his great adjustments and techniques to Jorge the masseuses you leave feeling aligned and balanced .They also offer acupuncture and facial services .

  • Jacqueline G. / New York, NY

    I have been a patient of Dr. Scott Anderson's for ten years. I started to see hime after a previous chiropractor had tried to get me to wear a back brace and do traction for forward leaning neck syndrome which I have slightly.Scott listened and treated me directly and geared toward strength training. This was important to me because I am not a 'give me a shot of Cortisone' kind of person, I like to address the issue directly and with full attention and care. If that is how you are, Scott is for you too!

  • Eyle L. / Manhattan, New York, NY

    There are so many amazing services and people at this place! I love Margarita and Te for acupuncture and beyond and Jorge and Stephen for deep tissue massage. My husband likes Shayla for massage, she has a slow and steady gentle touch that works well with his painful injuries.Dr. Scott is a wonderful chiropractor too. Everyone here is really great!

  • Jennifer K. / Brooklyn, New York

    I'm just going to share with you what I said to Steven after my massage which was, 'You are a master of your craft.' It's true. The man clearly has an understanding of anatomy. It's the type of massage where he applies pressure on your shoulder blade and somehow you feel relief on the back of you head. I came here initially to see Dr. Andersen who is also just incredible. After having a baby two years ago, my body is still a misaligned mess, but I always feel better after a chiropractic session with him. Now I'm going to have to redo my monthly personal care budget and carve out extra time on my day off to come here regularly ... and I'm totally cool with that.

  • G.B. / NYC

    I saw Kent for hypnotherapy and was very impressed, satisfied and benefited greatly from the experience.  Kent is extremely present and absolutely right there with you.  I was a bit apprehensive though I'd heard you're not going to do or say anything you don't want to.  Those fears were immediately allayed by Kent's kind, knowledgeable and caring presence.  He worked patiently and wisely, intuitively guiding me in just the right way.

Welcome to Omni Wellness NYC
Health Clinic in the Flatiron District

At Omni Wellness our mission is to provide an integrative approach to wellness through a variety of healing modalities. A collaboration of individual practitioners successful in their fields with experience spanning 6 to 20+ years. Having this talent pool under one umbrella allows us to offer a high level of commitment to patient health.

You will meet highly trained New York State licensed practitioners who work closely together to devise individualized health regimes:

  • Acupuncture
  • Chiropractic
  • Massage Therapy
  • Physical Therapy
  • Skincare
  • Psychotherapy
  • Hypnotherapy

We are focused as a practice on the following:

  • Focused on the whole person
  • Broadest possible wellness perspective
  • Care that is both professional & personal
  • Truly integrative approach
  • Work with a healing team
  • Diverse range of specialties
  • A sounding board for your health concerns
  • Adjunct to your medical treatments
  • Network of trusted medical resources
  • Promoting wellness as a lifestyle choice
  • Teaching how to stay well in the long-term
  • Ongoing wellness support and education 

Dr. Scott Andersen
New York Chiropractor | Omni Wellness NYC | (212) 777-1318

928 Broadway Suite 1200
New York, NY 10514


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