Chinese Medicine has been practiced for thousands of years and is comprised of multiple disciplines and modalities of treatment including acupuncture, herbal medicine, cupping, Tui Na medical Massage, exercise, nutrition and meditation.The licensed acupuncturists' operating at Omni Wellness may incorporate any or all of these modalities in a single treatment.

Momoko Uno   L.Ac, Dipl, CH, BMed, MSOM, MA

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Email: [email protected]

Peter D'Aquino, LAc.

Modalities: Neurofunctional Acupuncture, Trigger Point Therapy, Applied Channel Theory and Japanese Acupuncture and Certified Personal Trainer.

Specialties: A holistic approach to fitness, weight loss, nutrition, rehabilitation and optimizing health. Training and certification from *Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center in Oncological Acupuncture*

Appointments: (917) 582-7044
Email:[email protected]

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Marc Gian, LAc.

Modalities: licensed acupuncturist and licensed massage therapist with nearly 20 years of experience. Founder of Meridian Biologix brand essential oils, Marc authored the book, Holistic Aromatherapy: Practical Self Healing with Essential Oils (click here to purchase book).

Sessions: Acupuncture, Massage, Essential Oils, Mental Imagery Dreamwork Coaching

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Appointments: (845) 519-9256

Email: [email protected]

Joseph Maggio, LAc.

Appointments: (201) 290-1670
Email: [email protected]

Modalities: Classical Chinese Acupuncture, Japanese Acupuncture, Cupping,
Tui Na massage, Certified Holistic Health Coach
Specialties: Physical/emotional pain relief, improving digestion and
optimizing diet for your constitution, getting sound rejuvenation sleep,
breath work therapy

Jennifer Beltrani LAc.

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patient getting acupuncture treatment

Acupuncture Treatment at Omni Wellness in NYC

Chinese medicine uses a variety of tools to help with your long-term and short-term health goals. A common tool used to help with your needs is acupuncture. In our clinic, we offer acupuncture as part of a holistic and natural treatment strategy. 

Why You Should Consider Acupunture

Acupuncture in Flatiron District is a type of Chinese medicine using fine needles to impact the energy, or Qi in your body. In ancient medicine, they believed that the flow of energy and blood played a key role in your health. Studies into acupuncture show that the treatment stimulates the neurons in your body to encourage a response. 

We also offer a needle-less acupuncture treatment. Acupressure follows a similar strategy as acupuncture, but it uses pressure on specific points in your body to help with your symptoms.

Benefits of the Treatment

The benefits of acupuncture for your health depend on the underlying problem you want to address. As a natural and holistic treatment, it does not cause the negative side effects associated with traditional medications. Common benefits associated with the treatment include:

  • Pain relief
  • Headache and migraine relief
  • Improved blood flow
  • Reduced impact of osteoarthritis and similar inflammatory conditions
  • Lower rates of inflammation
  • Fewer symptoms of certain ailments, such as lower rates of nausea
  • Lower rates of stress

Acupuncture helps with back pain and neck pain. It also has a positive impact on joint pain from arthritis. Depending on your situation, it may help alleviate certain symptoms of a condition or a medication. For example, acupuncture and acupressure may help with nausea when applied to the correct location on your body. 

What We Treat with Acupuncture in the Flatiron District

The conditions we treat with acupuncture in the Flatiron District vary based on your specific needs. Generally, we treat different complications with pain and discomfort. We also treat headaches and related problems. We may suggest the treatment as part of a comprehensive plan when you get into an accident and need time to heal. Since it helps with pain management, the treatment offers a natural way to handle your concerns.

When to Consider the Treatment for Your Health

Using acupuncture or a variation of acupuncture without needles offers a variety of benefits. You want to consider the treatment when you have pain or want to address a problem with your health. We also use the treatment when you do not want to take medications or prefer to use a holistic strategy for your long-term health.

In Chinese medicine, summer is considered the season of abundance, the time of the year when energy is at its peak, the warm weather and extra sunlight permitting us more time to bring our bodies back into balance through restorative and uplifting activities. To that end, here’s why acupuncture is one ritual worth adding to your regimen now, and for the foreseeable future

Contact Omni Wellness NYC to Receive Acupuncture in Flatiron District

Acupuncture is a useful tool to help with your long-term health goals. The key is recognizing when it helps with your situation and health. To learn more about the health concerns we treat with acupuncture, call (212) 777-1318 today.


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