Postural Stretches

Desk sitting and cell phone use is taking a toll on our posture. You can take a few minutes a day to work on stretches that can help improve your posture and prevent neck and shoulder pain. Forward head posture adds pressure to your cervical spine and rounded shoulders can lead to shoulder pain.

Try these stretches at home/work:

1.     Corner Stretch. Place forearms on each corner of a wall, and one foot in front of the other. Hold 10 seconds 10 times. Avoid sticking out your neck. You can vary the angle of the arms (up or down) to stretch different portions of your pectorals major. 

2.     Mid-Back Stretch on chair with towel. Place rolled up towel behind mid back. Extend back without extending neck. Hold for 10 seconds, 10 times.

3.     Chin tucks. Retract neck without looking up or down and hold at end with 2 figures on chin. Hold seconds, 10 times.

Avoid holding your breath and also bouncing at an end of a stretch. Stop if any pain.

By Fernando Moreno Jr. PT, DPT, CMP

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