Welcome to The Omni Advantage

Living in one of the most hectic cities in the world is amazing.
As city dwellers we thrive in the spirit that is New York City.
With city living comes strength but its’ constant demands can make us too hard.


  • avoid injury/illness
  • heal effectively
  • come down and chill
  • bounce back

The frenetic energy that it takes to make it here is only available to the resilient.
Let the team at Omni Wellness help you when you break and allow you to…bend.

i have been a patient at omni wellness for years. i went in for chiropractic and since have discovered the benefits of acupuncture and massage. it has helped me to maintain my aches and pains and overall health. it is such great place with terrific staff.
kelley moore

Our experts have your back with our unique in-house collaboration.

We are a collective of diverse alternative health care practitioners who offer medical and healing options to all facets of challenges.

The Omni team consists of 14 practitioners with mature practices, most with 10+ years experience in their field.

Individual practitioners have different specialties, however our group of practitioners work together as a team to resolve your health care challenges.

This allows us to offer comprehensive and alternative solutions to what conventional medicine has failed to provide.

Meet our Practitioners:

Our Practitioners work seamlessly together. They come together like family.

The main thing that makes me happy to go there is the family vibe. There isn’t animosity or competition. We’re just really cool with each other
Joseph Maggio, acupuncturist

Why Omni?

Focused on the whole person
Omni focuses on the whole person – not just on your physical symptoms but also on the psychological, lifestyle, and family context in which you live and work

Broadest Possible Wellness Perspective
Omni offers the broadest wellness perspective possible – drawing from many traditions in both Western and Eastern medicine, as well as the mental health, bodywork, and lifestyle disciplines

Truly Integrative Approach
Our approach is truly integrative – we inform you of the many treatment options available within our integrative group of practitioners

A Reliable Sounding Board
We use our experience to help decide on a course of action when you’re considering a variety of medical options. We draw on our work with a wide pool of patients who’ve had similar conditions and ailments to help you settle on a treatment plan combining both complementary and traditional modalities.

Adjunct To Your Medical Treatments
For more serious conditions that patients are already receiving medical treatments for, Omni, as a holistic non invasive center, is a great place to work with in conjunction with your medical treatment to make your body and mind more comfortable

Giving you options, not ultimatums
We’re about promoting wellness as a lifestyle choice, NOT just about addressing illness; you come to Omni not just when you’re sick or have a problem to be fixed, but as part of a commitment to health. As a Wellness center, Omni is about being there for you to support your health long-term. We know the demands of city life and aim to meet you where you’re at.

This is why we created the Omni Advantage Program


New clients get two treatments (chiropractic, massage, acupuncture) for $150

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