“Peter (acupuncture) is a life saver! After many doctors and physical therapists, Peter was only one able to help with my pudendal nerve issue. Flexible hours / schedule also.”
Danny M.

“I have been a patient of Dr. Scott Anderson’s for ten years. I started to see hime after a previous chiropractor had tried to get me to wear a back brace and do traction for forward leaning neck syndrome which I have slightly. Scott listened and treated me directly and geared toward strength training. This was important to me because I am not a “give me a shot of Cortisone” kind of person, I like to address the issue directly and with full attention and care. If that is how you are, Scott is for you too!”
Jacqueline G.

“There are so many amazing services and people at this place! I love Margarita and Te for acupuncture and beyond and Jorge and Stephen for deep tissue massage. My husband likes Shayla for massage, she has a slow and steady gentle touch that works well with his painful injuries.
Dr. Scott is a wonderful chiropractor too. Everyone here is really great!”
Eyle L.